Oil pastels

I remember trying oil pastels many years ago and struggling. I couldn’t get the fine layers I wanted so I abandoned them. They weren’t a medium that was encouraged at art school either so I never tried them after my degree. It was only recently that frustrated with pencil and watercolour I brought a set of Pentel oil pastels and discovered the baby oil on cotton tips technique… I spent time in a rag paper sketchbook playing with them the range of colours was good they were a little on the hard side but it really sparked with me. I’ve now progressed to a larger canvass laid down a base of acrylics and am working into it with a mix of Pentel and Van Gogh pastels (Van Gogh are much softer) and I’m slowly building up an abstract sky painting… The white is oil paint applied with a knife I’m also using my fingers in stead of brushes but then I’ve always been hands on!!


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