The Red Field

It’s amazing how paintings grow change and suggest their own development. I’m the kind of artist who likes to work idea’s out in a sketchbook first then progress it upwards to the size of canvas I will be working on. What I end up with in the finished painting only ever has a passing resemblance to the drawn studies. I know many artists just start a painting, they have an idea, or not, before they put paint on the canvass and they allow the work to flow organically right from the start, but me I need some kind of plan just to get the whole process kickstarted. That’s not to say that I don’t just draw, drawing on any level is one of the most creatively stimulating things you can do in my opinion…it is the foundation of my art practice. Often, even after I’ve started a canvass I will draw from it exploring new ideas but being careful not to dictate too much…in fine art there is no formula no method of ‘you must do it this way’ James Elkins in his book ‘Why art can’t be taught’ advocates the an approach that nurtures, advises and allows the artist the space to explore their own creative path no one is there to hold your hand or show you how to hold a brush or how best to mix paint, they just expect you to do it…failure is almost required as it forces you to open up and go find your own answers whether looking at other artists researching your subject till you a filled with as much information from as many sources as possible whether its landscape or the human condition art is as much an academic subject as it is studio based practice…How lovely it would be to buy a magazine from Tescos that will tell you exactly how to paint abstract, or pretty life-like flowers…art is individual, good bad or indifferent it’s about taking what you have seen and studied and forming an opinion that is communicated visually. In my opinion.


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